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This is absolutely awesome.


This is absolutely awesome.


(via thechurchofcycling)

Amazing shot..

Best 3 peaks faceplant 2012 (by Peter Payton)

Love the new team bikes..


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Quick,┬áno ones looking get me one of those Dogmas…. :)

There’s something about some cycling art that really pleases…

Get your entries in to win tickets to the Yellow Ball….

It’s possible then, must try harder…

Another great picture from the Limburg 2012…

Credit: Limburg 2012

I’m not sure how much fun this is, however it’s probably worth packing away in a cupboard and selling in a 1000 years time….

Micro Scalextric Team GB Track Cycling Velodrome Set (by OfficialScalextric)

Great win for Elinor Barker at the World Championships today. Just shows the strength of British Cycling

(via UCI Road World Championships: Barker takes gold in ITT junior woman)